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Things You Need To Know When It Comes To The Three Act Structure

Most of the writers are known to use the three act structure quite a lot because it is the one which guides them when they are writing various screenplays and movies for their audience. The structure has been there for a very long time and it has been used by so many writers for centuries and it is really developing though it has not changed at all. The acts of mainly consists of the beginning, a middle portion and the end of the story. The first act is known to involve the setup whereby all significant characters of a story are introduced to the audience. The initial story mainly defines the setting of the story logic and reasoning behind the story. It is the work of a writer to make sure that they introduce a character or an issue which will later on make the audience to be more interested so that they can continue watching it. You can do that by making sure that what you introduce will either bring excitement to your audience or suspense.

In between the first act and the last act you will find the mid-act that is known to be quite wider because many things are talked about in this part. When it gets to the mid part of the story most of the writers end up experiencing a really hard time by making sure that their audience are still glued to their screens. They should ensure that they work to capture the attention of the audience even more while still moving ahead with the storytelling. It is important for a writer to come up with different ideas that will guide them in ensuring that the story is even more capturing. This can be done by detailing subplots in the story, the subplot may not be that relevant to the main plot but it should connect with a theme and be significant to the entire narratives. Roles of the character in the second parts are usually escalated so that the writer can create some exciting scenes which will take place in the middle of the second act and then later on they can introduce the third act to their audience.

The last part is basically the end of a story and it is a bit shorter than the rest of the acts. This act is mainly about disagreements between the protagonist and their antagonists. This is the act whereby the writer finishes the story by making sure that the audience understands every role of the characters before the whole story ends.

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